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Anonymous asked:
Than I was walking down a beach smoking it ,and that's when I saw you. You were standing with your feet in the water, and I came up to you and asked you if you wanted to take a hit. I don't remember what happened after that though.

This seems like a lovely dream… The beach and a joint ? Perfectttttt. 🙌make it come true

Anonymous asked:
I dreamt that I was at this huge gathering of people, and I didn't know why I was their, and I didn't know anyone. So I started looking around to find someone ,but I started feeling really anxious so I went outside where their was a group of people hanging out and for some reason I thought they were my friends so I followed them. We were walking around for a while and one of them pulled out a joint and we started smoking. I ended up splitting up from them and took the joint.




The last photo of Heath Ledger



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son these grades are unacceptable

well maybe if you’d stop eating my fucking homework dad

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Kanye is everything!!!

If a man ever treats me the way Kanye treats Kim, i will never let him go

"asshole to the world but never towards your girl."


man of my dreams dude

Never understood the obsession with callin dude’s “whipped” for catering to your chick. Like, if you know you have someone special, there is nothing unmanly about making sure she feels that way 24/7.

I fucking love this post!!!!!!!

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